VIP3 is a web3 membership protocol. We bring more discounts and benefits to qualified web3 users, and we bring those users to web3 apps.
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Why We Build VIP3 ?
Membership Matters
Membership mechanism is a popular commercial practice to better reward loyal & quality users. Same logic works for WEB3.
Lack of Membership In Web3
Currently, users are charged at same fee rates on leading Web3 platforms regardless of how much they spend. As the intensified competition and popularization of Web3 goes, a membership mechanism is in need.
VIP3 Makes It Happen
To answer the call, we present VIP3- a core VIP system in WEB3 ecology: more benefits to quality users, more loyal users to good WEB3 applications.
The membership(VIP)
The membership(VIP) system is all over our lives, to give more benefits to high-quality and loyal users. It should be the same case for Web3 users.
What Can You Get In VIP3
To Customer
Benefits on many platforms,such as discounts and airdrops
1. Connect your wallet and verify your email anonymously
2. Get a free and exclusive membership SBT
3. Enjoy the benefits
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To Business
Bring You high-quality VIP users
1. Verify your organization or project
2. Provide special benefits for VIP3 members
3. Publish your benefit and wait for users
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What's More?
About Verify
VIP3 verifies your working and education experience, and analyzes your on-chain activities, to give you free web3 VIP status.
About Privacy
VIP3 makes sure none of your personal information will be exposed. We protect your privacy using TEE and SGX technologies.
Be VIP3 OG partners
If you are in a top company or university , welcome to join us as our OG partner and get rewards such as token and airdrops.
VIP3 Roadmap
Dec. 2022
We will launch the official website and social accounts of VIP3, and start disseminating our ideas and products.
Q1, 2023
We expect users claiming our SBT will exceed 1k, and platforms providing benefits will exceed 20. We will launch the beta version of the VIP3 app, verifying users' off-chain identities.
Q2, 2023
We will launch the 2.0 vip3 app. We will add features like verifying users' on-chain data, providing more levels of VIP, and the exchanging mall for points.
Q3, 2023
We expect users claiming our SBT will exceed 10k, and platforms providing benefits will exceed 50, including 3 top20 Dapps. We will support multi-chians and launch our token VIP.
Q4, 2023
As we accumulate more users and platforms, we will construct the web3 credit model and provide deeper blockchain services like unsecured loans.
H1 2024
We expect users claiming our SBT will exceed 100k. We will collaborate with high-level VIP systems like American Express, Marriot and Airlines, to provide more offline benefits for our VIPs.
H2 2024
We expect users claiming our SBT will exceed 500k, and more than half of the top 20 platforms will provide benefits. We will build a decentralized credit ecology covering top VIP members online and offline.
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